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   Research Populations

Research Populations

Our experience includes a diverse mix of target populations including:

Business to Business and Consumer Audiences

  • From Heads of Household/ Decision influencers to Company Presidents and C.E.O.'s

Market Characteristics such as:

  • Primary and Secondary targets: current users/lapsed users; trier-rejecters, etc.

Traditional and Evolving market segments

Demographic Variables

  • Age: from pre-schoolers to seniors/retirees, including "tweens", teens, young adults, and older adults
  • Ethnicity: all ethnic market segments, including African American and Hispanic consumer groups
  • Gender: mixed and homogeneous gender groups
  • Socio-economic status: from welfare recipients to upper income strata
  • Education: through post-graduate study
  • Employment: all types including physicians and other professional segments
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