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   Research and Consulting
Research and Consulting

The review and refinement of study objectives for a shared understanding of the near-term marketing goals and long-term implications

Hypotheses formulation for direction in designing the study and as a framework for learning and insight discovery

Customized design elements taking into account the study objectives, the universe of qualitative methodologies, the appropriate use of exploratory techniques, target-audience specifications, market-selection variables, and budgetary constraints

Topic guide development and refinement tailored to address the objectives of the study and designed to elicit meaningful responses, evolving the exploratory process and significantly advancing the learning curve

Project setup and management including facility selection, all aspects of screening and recruitment, regular client updates, and overall project supervision

Conducting various exploratory methodologies including traditional focus groups, mini-groups, personal and telephone interviews, in-home observations, and asynchronous on-line bulletin board sessions

Follow-up debriefings that guide team members through a review and discussion of the key findings, the preliminary implications, and the next-step considerations

Timely analyses that are clear and thorough, yet concise

Actionable marketing recommendations for near-term decision making and long-term planning

Alternative reporting formats including formal and informal presentations

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